Text Box: Text Box: Royal Palace At Strelsau

The University of Strelsau

Text Box: Downtown Strelsau

The Great Hall At Zenda

The Village of Ernlau

HallAerial ViewHunting Lodge

Royal Hunting Lodge

The von Bruin Inn at Zenda

Inn at ZendaCarriage

The Royal Carriage

On Parade

The Royal Castle at Zenda

Cathedral Of Strelsau

The Royal Theatre

Circa 1924

Castle at ZendaCathedralTheatre

Sidewalk Cafe in Zenda

The Palace Ballroom

Chateau von Tarlenheim

Foreign Ministry

The Great SynagogueForeign Ministry Ballroom

The Castle von Ernlau

The Great Synagogue

The Chancellor at Play

Text Box: Rush Hour in Ernlau

Winter Snow

Text Box: The Beauty of Ruritania